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DEAL Music was created by Mr. Chen Feiyu and Mr. Niu Tianxing in 2014 and is headquartered base in Richmond, Vancouver, Canada.

DEAL has been committed to the enlightenment education of classical music, modern music, music composition, live band performance, music recording, commercial music production and other directions.

It has been 6 years since its establishment. Since the establishment of DEAL, it has trained many excellent musicians, singers and independent musicians in the Greater Vancouver area of ​​Canada.

At the same time, DEAL Music also participated in many large-scale performance projects, such as: 2016 ‘The Voice of China’ Canada Finals, ‘If You Are the One,’ ‘Mulan Tour’, ‘China Three Tenor Concerts’, etc.

Since 2019, DEAL Music’s educational brand “Groove Music” has collaborates with many well-known musicians and mainstream producers, which has provided DEAL students with the highest quality music-learning experience, while also making future stars opportunity for students.

In 2020, DEAL will continue to be the lead of the Canadian Chinese music industry.

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